3D Shipwreck tour

After a few years of gathering data through a lot of diving, more diving, desk research and discussions with friends, we managed to create a 3D model of the RN Cesare Rossarol in it’s current setting.

Since the wreck field of the Rossarol is divided into two main areas we had to split the project into several editions to keep focus and not to get lost in the size of the wreck field. The distance between the wreck parts is over 300 meters and we also needed time to investigate the areas directly around the bow and stern. The terrain in between the wreck parts is widely covered with parts and very difficult to investigate.

During the first project week in 2014 we managed to collect a lot of measurements, photo- and video-material of the stern part of the wreck. These details helped us to define the deviations in respect of the new built drawings of the ship. But also to define where the stern section is cut from the mid section.

Two years later, in 2016, we tried to collect as much information on the bow section as we managed to do in 2014 for the stern. Unfortunately the conditions on the bottom limited our photo- and video work, but we did quite some good work on several measurements and raw sketches.

In between the project weeks we have had several discussions and evaluations of all the material, and shared and collected material with other divers. Also sketches from the DocCon 2015 contributed to complete the picture.
April 2018 we did a few dives on the bow and stern section while having very good conditions on the bottom. We were able to shoot some very useful video during these dives.

From end of 2017 up to the project in September 2018 we worked together with Mike Postons from 3Deepmedia to construct and render the 3D model.

To get this final 3D model we started working on the 2D model first, by using the original construction drawing of the Rossarol. We all know that the ship was commissioned different than the original design drawings. This lead to discussion, and all collected material from the project was required to figure out the current and final status of the ship.

Up next the challenge was accepted to transform this 2D model into a 3D model showing the two wreck parts in it’s current position. Also here, a lot of documentation material was required to reach the final result. 

All this could not be achieved without the dedication of the teams and friends. A big thanks to all who collaborated and contributed of time!

Diving teams and contributors in random order:
Peter Zaal, Berry van Leeuwen, Luca Palezza, Joseph Chroust, Michael Batey, Eunwoo Kim, Jeffrey Woltering, Bas Bruinsma, Mario Arena, Alex Thomassen, Edward Smith, Felix St. Jean, Igor Syrik, Rene Lipmann,  Sander Evering, Elena Romano, Margrita van den Akker, Maurizio Grbac, Mike Postons, Danijel Frka, Fabrizio Tosoni, Derk Remmers, Matej Simonic.

Project Manager: Jeroen Veltrop

We think it is a good presentation and invite you to take the tour!

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